2007 Barrett-Jackson: Oldest production Camaro

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Lot Number 1029: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe White/red

Looking at this Camaro, you might not immediately recognize that it is anything special. After all, there are countless Z/28, RS and SS versions scattered in every corner of Westworld this week. And as far as powerplants go, this has but a 275hp 327 V8. No slouch certainly, but with ZL-1, COPO, 302 and 396 options aplenty, the 327 doesn't really stand out that much. It even has an automatic. So what makes this one noteworthy? First of all, note that it's a 1967 model. That was the first year for Chevy's answer to the Mustang. And then take a look at the VIN. It's number 16. It's also Fisher body #001. THE first production Camaro. It goes without saying that it also happens to be the first L.A. built car with the deluxe interior. These are the kind of things that the specialists pay attention to. The seller is billing it as the lowest surviving VIN. We're not sure if that means all 15 cars that preceded it are gone, or that they were all prototypes, but it is certainly one of the earliest Camaros ever made, and quite a sharp looking car to boot. Classic Ermine White exterior with Red Deluxe interior that looks factory fresh.

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