Singer KT Tunstall wants celebrities to make it "very uncool to drive an SUV"

KT Tunstall has been quite busy with her career as of late, as you can tell with her recent grammy nomination and performances all over the world. I watched her perform a song on TV on New Years Day. Speaking of which, she says that her resolution for the year is "to do more work in the environmental areas over the next year."

She has a good start on that resolution. According to Tunstall, "I'm renovating my flat in March, Global Cool have just done Orlando Bloom's house and hopefully they are going to come in and green my crib. They'll help me get solar panels up and get a proper energy-saving boiler and, if I can get a wind turbine up, I'll do that."

She went on to say, "I knew before I had any success that I wanted to make my album carbon neutral and use biodiesel fuel on my buses and recycled paper for all the admin. It is unacceptable not to do those things." She likes the fact that the Prius is the "it" car in LA, and thinks that celebrities should promote them and other alternatives, making them cool to be seen in.

[Source: DailyRecord - Scotland's Newspaper]

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