IMSA follows up GTV with Gallardo-based Spyder

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German tuner IMSA (not to be confused with this IMSA) established itself as a serious player with its rather splendid Lamborghini Gallardo-based GTV. The trick Lambo was tuned to produce 610 horsepower, and its tastefully-done widebody kit and bespoke wheel package made it look every bit the the supercar the new juice underhood indicated it was.

Since all the engine modifications in place on the GTV work just as well on the Gallardo Spyder, IMSA went ahead and applied them. Enter the IMSA Spyder, which produces the same 610 horsepower as its hard-topped sibling. The suspension and AWD system has been recalibrated to handle the monstrous power in such a manner that the Spyder is perfectly usable as a daily driver (not that we'd know firsthand, but we'll take IMSA's word for it). In addition to the updated power and look, the interior of the car can be completely customized to suit the owner's taste. Hey, we'll happily roll with just the engine and suspension tuning. You know -- eschew the (very sweet) widebody kit and just keep the Gallardo looking like a "sleeper." If that's even possible...

IMSA's press release is posted after the jump, and you can feast your eyes on 14 high-res shots in the gallery.

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IMSA Gallardo Spyder – A true revelation

Until recently, the German tuning company IMSA was not more than just an insider tip.But by now, it has achieved the ultimate breakthrough thanks to its first product, the Gallardo GTV. After all, the company from Brüggen treated the Gallardo's power unit like nobody dared before. After this special treatment, the V10 power unit develops maximum output of 610 hp at 7900 rpm. In the near future, it will also be possible to experience this pleasure in an open car – since all GTV parts are now available for the Spyder as well.

Special emphasis was made on road capability. In spite of the increased engine power and the high torque of 655 Nm at 5300 rpm, IMSA wanted the Gallardo to be suitable for every day use; it had to the best possible driving fun even under bad weather conditions. Therefore, the four-wheel drive – amongst other things – was adjusted to the new performance. Even during extreme driving manoeuvres, the Gallardo's fine-tuned sport chassis offers great stability and driving control.

The necessary grip is provided by broad 245/30 ZR 20 front and 325/25 ZR20 rear tyres. IMSA's focus was on muscular design and, thus, the Gallardo Spyder is equipped with new front and rear aprons and flared wheelarches as well as distinctive-spoke wheels with central locking and a discreet rear spoiler. The interior is designed to meet any customer's individual wishes: leather, alcantara, aluminium and CFRP are on offer to refine the Gallardo's cockpit.

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