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Holy Aqualung! Jethro Tull frontman praises the Chevy Volt

Ian Anderson, the lead singer and flutist for the ageless rock band Jethro Tull, says he was writing about climate change back in 1974 when he penned "Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day." Now he's using his Web site blog to sound off on the world's environment and hopes Americans will lead the way, especially the Big 3 automakers.
"The traditional Detroit auto industry, so long in the doldrums and lagging behind Asia," says Anderson, "can rebuild, retool and reinvent the personal transport of tomorrow if it chooses the right way now.

Anderson is encouraged by the debut of the Chevy Volt at the Detroit Auto Show (he must have been reading Sam's great coverage on AB and ABG).

"Designed to produce 120 miles per hour, 150 staggering miles to the gallon, and 0 – 60 in 8 seconds, this would provide sports car performance from an electric car. A hybrid only in the sense that it has an on-board petrol-fueled generator to charge the batteries. If this is to be believed, it seems to show that the car industry can change and maybe the aviation industry too, in time," writes Anderson.

If you're a Jethro Tull fan, Anderson also offers tidbits on his current activities and views on religion. Required reading for all Aqualung fans.

[Source: Ian Anderson / via The Rock Radio]

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