Construction worker moves Maserati with forklift. Flippage ensues.

Mind those parking signs, folks. If you don't, you never know what might happen. In Sydney, a woman watching her brother's Maserati coupe while he's on vacation parked it in front of a construction site, blocking off an area workers needed access to. An ambitious member of the group climbed into a forklift and decided to use it to lift and move the car down the street to where it wouldn't be in the way.
Nice idea, but it all kind of fell apart when the Maser got wobbly on the forks and did a Greg Lougainis onto its roof. Not good. In keeping with the little Olympian theme I started here, the forklift operator apparently made like Carl Lewis and booked. Aussie police say he may face charges ( may face charges!?!?!) if that's the case. As for the car's owner, we hope he gets a new ride. Once he gets over the initial horror/shock/fury, he'll have a hell of a story to tell his friends and family over drinks....forever.

Click the image above to go to the original news story and see the full extent of the damage.

Thanks to Mark for the tip!

[Source: NineMSN]

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