Barrett-Jackson: The Dodge Firearrow Concept Cars

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Now these are the cars that make Barrett-Jackson otherworldly. The cars that bring 2, 3, 4, or even more million dollars and create that surreal atmosphere of "How high will this kook go for this car?" The last few years have seen the Olds F-88 concept crack the $3.2 mil mark, and then the Pontiac Bonneville Special and GM Futurliner follow that up with $3 and $4 mil respectively. This year's crop of concepts is perhaps a bit light compared to those, but there are some fun ones in the group this year: The Dodge Firearrow II (pale yellow) and Firearrow IV (red) Hemi convertibles from 1954 should be the big ticket items.

[Source: Barrett-Jackson]

Lot Numbers: 1304 and 1304.1
The Dodge Firearrows should be bringing a lot of money as part of Barret-Jackson's 12 pairs offering, but probably won't come close to previous records. This being an auction, however, anything can happen. By way of background, the Firearrows were a group of four dream cars designed by Chrysler's legendary Virgil Exner. If they look similar to the Dual-Ghias you might have seen, that's because Ghia built these too. The first auction car, the Fire II, is a fully driveable car based on the original Fire I mockup. The other auction car, the Firearrow IV, is another fully roadable convertible engineered to be a production car. The Fire III, which is not at Barrett-Jackson, is the only closed car still around. They never did make it to production, but would have been a cool Chrysler alternative to the Corvette, Thunderbird and the European marques. And they DO have a Hemi in 'em. Full gallery available by clicking the image above. Photos by Drew Phillips and Frank Filipponio.

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