Barrett-Jackson: The bargains

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Although the million dollar muscle cars are what steal all of the headlines, the Barrett-Jackson auction has so much more to offer. You don't need to be stocking your own personal museum or have a race team or Fortune 500 company with your name on it, either. For those people who roll into Scottsdale early in the week, there are actually bargains to be had. Normal folks like us. Now the cars might not be the rarest of the rare, but they are basically the same shapes and sizes as those six-and-seven-figure dream rides. They might require a bit more elbow grease to get ready for prime time, but there are some fun cars that fly in below the Speed radar every day at B-J. Take the jump for a sampling of some of the fun cars that went for reasonable prices early on. You can get live results and lot listings at the Barrett-Jackson website. Check out our gallery of 10 bargains at Barrett-Jackson to see if you can afford anything that's crossed the auction block so far.

[Source: Barrett-Jackson]

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