Barrett-Jackson: Arrival and preview

click above image to view high-res preview gallery from the Barrett-Jackson Auction

Wow, what a day we had yesterday. Got into town and headed straight to Westworld to check in at the Barrett-Jackson auction. We arrived kind of late and it actually worked in our favor because nobody was around to stop us from parking where we wanted or to get in our way while trying to photograph some of the featured cars. We'll be bringing you as many of these featured cars as we can each day we're here and hopefully a good gallery of high-res pics of each to keep you sated.

Have to say that my first impression is that no matter how big you expect this place to be, it's bigger. The grounds are enormous but once you enter the big top, you have to make it past the GM and Ford displays (mostly a repeat of the SEMA vehicles), past the vendor booths hawking scale models, T-shirts, gas pumps, artwork, beds... practically anything you can think of that has an automotive theme, and a lot of stuff that doesn't too. After making it through that portion of the tent, you enter the arena. Huge bleacher sections at either end, the stage to one side and skyboxes facing it. It's like walking into the Coliseum.

Once you cross that cavernous tent area, you reach the featured car section. We immediately spotted some of the cars we were most looking forward to seeing: The Firearrows, Carroll Shelby's personal Cobra, the Warrior One CNN Hummer, the Tupolev amphibious vehicle, the 12 pairs of vehicles, and a whole lot of rare and raw muscle cars. COPOs, Hemis, Bosses, ZL-1s, Shelbys and the like. Enjoy this quick teaser galley of shots from Drew Phillips of who will be working with us this week. Today we'll be getting down to business to start getting you in-depth profiles of some of the stars of the show, along with individual galleries for each. Hope you enjoy.

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