Volvo thinks it needs more crossovers and wagons

And as a new father in need of a larger vehicle, I agree. Volvo has long been known for their safe, sensible wagons and last year almost half its total sales came from this class of vehicles.

Volvo Car Corp. COO Steven Armstrong tells Autoweek that his company sees plenty of wagon and crossover-type market gaps that need filling. Lex Kerssemakers, Volvo Car senior vice president of brand business and product strategy (we hope he gets paid by the syllable, btw) is a little more specific, saying that if the company were to target those gaps, it would likely be in the V or XC range.

Again, as the new daddy, I'd love to see Volvo reintroduce the V90 as an ultra luxury wagon to give the class a more upscale image. But as a practical new dad (hey, diapers ain't cheap) I say bring on a fuel-efficient 5-seater crossover simiilar to, but smaller and cheaper than, the upcoming XC60 (pictured above). But as the father who still craves some excitement now and then, I would, of course, opt for the European delivery with the Nurburgring package.

With so few automakers competing in the U.S. in the wagon segment, we see Volvo snagging lots of new customers. But the Swedes need to be quick before Honda and Toyota decide to re-enter with Accord and Camry wagons.

[Source: Autoweek]

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