Mopar going off-road with Jeep

One may only associate The Chrysler Group's performance parts brand with rear-wheel drive muscle cars and honking V8s, but that will likely soon change as Mopar plans to branch out and begin providing performance parts for the Jeep brand. One can tell by the comments made by Christine Cortez, the senior VP of global service and parts for DCX, at the Automotive News World Congress in Dearborn yesterday, that Mopar is in new territory when it comes to vehicles that like to leave the glassy smooth blacktop of terra firma, but nevertheless the brand plans to expand and begin offering parts for these neglected off-road enthusiasts. Though Cortez doesn't elaborate and tell us what type of parts and for which vehicles they'll be offered, one can assume the venerable Wrangler will be a top priority. Should we expect Mopar branded lift kits, off-road lighting and winches? Who knows, but the Mopar brand has proven to be elastic before. How else do you explain its involvement and success in the D1 Grand Prix professional drifting series.
[Source: Automotive News]

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