Want to know what it's like to sit inside tiny, fuel-efficient car? Want to find out right now? If that small car you're interested in is the Smart Car Americanized by Zap, the step – er, click – right up. Zap! has put one of those QuickTime VR files up on its website from the point of view of the driver in the Smart Car Americanized by Zap. And this way there's no chance you'll bump your head on the ceiling. What's odd about the view is that there are no roads in the background. Is the Zap Smart supposed to be an off-roader?

The Smart Car Americanized by Zap burns standard gasoline. Very similar EV models are coming to Europe in a few years (Smart EVs in America? Not anytime soon, as far as we know).

You can learn more about the Smart Car Americanized by Zap, including the legal issue surrounding Zap's SCAbZ and Mercedes' smart brand, at Zap's website.

On my broadband connection, the QTVR file played just fine, but if you're using a slow connection, you might have some hiccups. Enjoy.

[Source: Zap!]

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