All I can say is WOW. Look at this one-off W9 engine that is set up to run E85!

We like reporting on vehicles that run on alternative fuel here at autobloggreen. There is much debate on the merits of making fuel from corn, but remember, renewable fuel can be made from many other sources. And fuel as a renewable resource is definitely something to focus on these days.

Certainly, I can appreciate the time and effort that went into designing and building this fully functional prototype engine. Using a W9 design (the nine cylinders form a "W" shape). I can also appreciate the fact that it was designed to run on E85. Volkswagen currently builds some engines in the "W" shape as well, including the W16 engine in the Veyron, but none with nine cylinders, making this engine rather unique.

Weighing only 262 pounds complete with exhaust system, the engine as it sits can produce an estimated 526 HP at 10,700 rpm and 280 lbs-ft of torque at 7200 rpm. Yes, this one is a screamer with its redline at 12,500 rpm. One of the most amazing things about this engine, in my opinion, is that it was developed so well using computer aided design that the only part that needed to be changed from plans was the cam chain guides. One may assume that this was all made possible without the budgets of the huge automakers R&D labs. Most impressive. Click here for their web site.

[Source: Atom Racing via Jalopnik]

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