Sierra Club helps you "Pick Your Poison" and rates oil companies

Here at AutoblogGreen, we try our best to bring you the latest in green automotive news. But what about right now... what if you want to do your best with your current situation. I can certainly understand that, as I would love to own the latest, most fuel-efficient vehicle around, too, but economics dictate that I can't just go out right this minute and spend $20,000 on a new Prius, or more on a Tesla or full electric SUT, like the Phoenix we featured yesterday.

So, maybe we are stuck with your gas burner, and its once again time to fill the tank. Have you ever wondered where to fill based on how hard the oil companies try to do good? Check here. The Sierra Club has put up some good information to help you make an educated choice. Aptly titled "Pick Your Poison", you can check on the activities of the companies you choose to - or have to - support.

[Source: Sierra Club via Treehugger]

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