Indy's E100 season starts today, kind of

The fastest way to burn E10 will soon get a chance to burn pure ethanol. The first truck carrying 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol bound for use in the IndyCar Series, which starts March 24, left the Renova ethanol plant in Torrington, Wyoming today. Indy's move to E100 is no secret – they cars used E10 all last year in preparation for this year's E100 switch – and new we're getting to brass tacks. January 31st, during the first Daytona International Speedway's Open Test of the season, will mark the first time all IndyCar Series cars will run on the 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol. This is according to EPIC, the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council.

Renova's Torrington facility will produce about 120,000 gallons of ethanol to the IndyCar Series this year.

[Source: Ethanol Promotion and Information Council]

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