To counter Dodge's successful rear-drive Charger and anticipating Chevy's rumored rear-drive Impala, Ford has stretched the rear-drive Mustang platform to create a four-door sedan called the Interceptor.

See the Debut of the Ford Interceptor at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show

Riding on a 120.8-in. wheelbase, the Interceptor measures 201.6 in. in overall length. Powered by a 5.0-liter V-8 running on E85 ethanol, the Interceptor delivers 400 bhp to the rear wheels via a six speed manual transmission. Unlike the Mustang, however, the rear suspension is an independent multi-link setup instead of the traditional live axle. Unfortunately, designers grafted the streamliner look of last year's Super Chief truck concept on what would have been an otherwise handsome four-door. Too bad this concept doesn't share the same angular good looks as the 427 Concept that bowed in 2003 and has proven so successful on the Fusion. Still, if designers were looking for an intimidating look, they achieved it with a blunt nose that incorporates Ford's new three-bar grille styling theme, a clamshell "shaker" hood, massive wheels, low greenhouse and high beltline.

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Inside, the Interceptor features low-back bucket seats, which pay homage to '60s muscle cars. For safety reasons, however, headrests have not been abandoned entirely, instead they deploy from the headliner. A huge center console divides the cabin and all four seats are equipped with four-point safety belts. The rear seat passengers benefit from belts that are inflatable in a crash. The Interceptor's instrumentation is minimal with a large tach and speedometer dominating the binnacle in front of the driver, while the audio system and climate control are hidden from view. If Ford decided to develop a four-door off the Mustang platform similar to the Interceptor, the earliest it could make it to market would be in the 2010-2011 timeframe.

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