Tokyo Auto Salon: Kei-NSX totally has it Beat

There's something to be said about cheap, mid-engine vehicles. Namely, there are far too few of them. Thankfully, a group of highly motivated and overly caffeinated students at the Nihon Automotive College in Japan brought two of Honda's greatest (only?) mid-engine offerings together.

The NATS Mini-SX is based off a mid-90s Honda Beat, that's had the headlamps and tail lamps grafted onto its body, along with some NSX-like aero pieces, to create a mini-homage to Honda's late mid-ship masterpiece. Granted, it's tiny 660 cc engine won't provide the thrust associated with the Ayrton Senna-tuned coupe, but simply being able to cruise in such wacky conveyance would be enough of a thrill.

Click on through to Winding Road's story for a rear shot and a pic of a stock Beat for reference.

[Source: Winding Road]

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