Parking and public transportation to and from the Detroit Auto Show

It's Saturday, the first public day of the NAIAS in Detroit, and you want to go see the Volt. Or the Ford Airstream. Or maybe the Ryuga. Whatever holds your interest, if you're going down to Cobo Hall, why not take public transportation? Like they did during the World Series last fall, the Detroit People Mover office has released a series of tips on getting the most out of Park & Ride options (read them all after the jump). The gist is that you can park at one of the People Mover stations (Grand Circus Park, Cadillac, Broadway, or Millender Center will have the shortest lines) and pay fifty cents a person to ride to Cobo Hall. The People Mover also offers wheelchair access, and the NAIAS opens at 7 a.m. for the disabled.
The NAIAS website does offer other alternatives, like parking and taking a shuttle from the Detroit Zoo or Greenfield Village ($5 for parking, $4 per person to ride) or taking the downtown shuttle bus (50 cents one-way).
C'mon Google, where's the People Mover in Google Transit?

[Source: Detroit People Mover]

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