Detroit Auto Show: Ultimate Wallpaper Gallery

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The 2007 Detroit Auto Show was probably not the best place to test our new photo gallery feature considering the significance of the event. What if they crashed? What if readers didn't like it? What if we suck at taking pictures? Well, the system was as stable as a rock and everyone seemed to greatly enjoy the thousands of high-resolution images we pumped out from the show floor, but we'll be the first to admit that great photography skills have never been a prerequisite for blogging before. However, amidst the standard 3/4 front shots and blurry pics of sheets being pulled off of concepts, there were definitely a few gems. We've assembled a gallery of what we think are our best shots from the 2007 Detroit show, some of which you've seen and some you haven't. They're all 1,280 pixels wide, so they should be suitable for use as desktop wallpaper on some very large screens. We decided not to put a watermark of our logo on any of these because, quite frankly, we hate it when sites do that. If one of your favorite vehicles didn't make the list of best pics, you can still find pics of it by browsing our complete coverage.

That said, we've realized that we need to step up our photography game, so rest assured that we're upgrading our cameras and going over what aperture and ISO mean again. By the time we arrive in the Windy City for the 2007 Chicago Auto Show in early February, we want every pic we snap to be a gem.

Enjoy the gallery!

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