AutoTrader debuts new "Armada" commercial

We try to only show you the commercials we think are really cool because, let's face it, we're only giving away free advertising when we post these things. We had to show you this one that debuted today from AutoTrader, however, because it reminds us a lot of the coolest video we've ever posted on Autoblog, the 1K Project II. Like that video, AutoTrader's commercial, called "Armada", uses CGI to place an unreasonabe amount of vehicles on the road at one time. Considering AutoTrader is in the business of putting people in touch with the right car, those thousands are eventually narrowed down to one red Mustang that does a 180 into the new owner's driveway (that part's not CGI). The video above is a short "Making of" type feature that is followed immediately by the commercial itself. The new spot is much better than the current "Find Your Car" ones being aired by the website.

Check out the video after the jump.

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