Wagoner: Not planning to give up No.1 - Hummer key for youth market

GM is well aware that the youth market is key to the success of their future sales, after all, younger people eventually grow up and become the car buying public. In December, GM admitted in an internal memo that more and more young people were removing GM from their "consideration lists".

Rick Wagoner said on Sunday that GM plans on expanding their Hummer brand, as "The Hummer brand is very well-respected by teenage boys, and that's a good thing to build on...we need to expand the product offering," according to Wagoner. He continued, "We spent some time recently in California, even this morning, to find ways we can improve our internet marketing, where younger buyers are tending to go to. Those kinds of things, I think, are critical over time."

So, GM is looking at marketing techniques that connect with that younger crowd. I hope that the marketing folks can learn to push vehicles other than the Hummer to young people. I know that in California, GM made a "green" prototype Hummer, one that "breathes" clean oxygen via algae filled body panels. Again, I hope that they can come up with something that actually has the chance to see the light of day - I don't think we will see any oxygen breathing Hummers driven by teenage boys on the road any time soon.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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