When Volkswagen originally began production, the idea behind it was simple: provide people reliable, inexpensive transportation. Oh, how far we've strayed, eh?

Well, Volkswagen has decided to get back to that core principle of affordability after a brief foray into upmarket motoring (ahem, Phaeton), by reducing prices on some of its entry-level rides. VW determined that $18k was a good ceiling for some of its base models, so you'll be able to pickup an '07 Rabbit for $15,620, compared to $16,660 for its badge-swapped sibling, the Golf. The 2006 Jetta would have set you back $18,530, but the '07 model comes in at just a tad over $17k. The 2007 Beetle will also benefit from a reduction, dropping $690 from its 2006 predecessor.

Considering the success of the Rabbit and the competition provided by its competitors (Civic and Corolla), VW might be making some of the right moves. Now about that German-engineering thing...

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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