VW drops prices on three models

When Volkswagen originally began production, the idea behind it was simple: provide people reliable, inexpensive transportation. Oh, how far we've strayed, eh?

Well, Volkswagen has decided to get back to that core principle of affordability after a brief foray into upmarket motoring (ahem, Phaeton), by reducing prices on some of its entry-level rides. VW determined that $18k was a good ceiling for some of its base models, so you'll be able to pickup an '07 Rabbit for $15,620, compared to $16,660 for its badge-swapped sibling, the Golf. The 2006 Jetta would have set you back $18,530, but the '07 model comes in at just a tad over $17k. The 2007 Beetle will also benefit from a reduction, dropping $690 from its 2006 predecessor.

Considering the success of the Rabbit and the competition provided by its competitors ( Civic and Corolla), VW might be making some of the right moves. Now about that German-engineering thing...

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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