CES 2007: Magna finds helpful use of LCDs in your car

With all the, uh, creative uses of automotive LCDs at CES, we were were starting to think there might not be any useful purpose for the things. But automotive supplier Magna has found at least two good uses for them with their ReversAid camera system. In one variation, putting the car in reverse activates the rearview camera with the image appearing in an LCD screen behind the glass in your rearview mirror. Drivers don't have to look at awkward spots on their dashboards, or between the gauges to see what's behind them. It's a pretty cool application and much more useful than stuffing an LCD in the fender well.
The second version of the ReversAid puts the LCD in a slideout panel attached to the rearview mirror. Again, selecting reverse gear activates the camera and the panel automatically slides from behind the mirror.

Magna says the two products are already available as factory options in some cars now, and should begin showing up in several other automakers' cars soon. It's also available in aftermarket from Hitchcam.

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