CES 2007: Avoid accidents, mules with cellphone navigation

Mobile phones with GPS navigation aren't new. But Telenav claims to have the first cellphone-based navigation that monitors traffic reports and will re-route you around all those wrecked Enzos, collapsed multi-billion dollar tunnels, and other detours (like the Mule Day Parade in Winfield, Ala. Let us tell you one day how long we sat in our car counting all manner of the sterile steeds crossing Hwy. 78.)
Telenav will also help find the lowest gas prices in your immediate area, find the nearest parking garage and serve up 3-D maps showing you how to get there. Unlimited routing is currently available from most of the big cellular carriers on GPS enabled phones for $10 a month. The biggest drawback we can see to the maps-on-cellphone thing is, well, trying to read maps on a tiny little cellphone. Luckily the Telenav service gives audible direction, too. We'd sure love to see the application running on the iPhone, though.

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