I'm not going to lie; it was a good weekend for AutoblogGreen. Our coverage of GM's brand-new Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid concept vehicle was (and still is) a hit everywhere from Slashdot to Digg and beyond. If you haven't seen it yet - go here now. It's the biggest green car story in a long, long time. Later today, we'll have a little run-down of just how the Volt story escaped into the wilds of the Internet. Until then, our coverage of the Detroit Auto Show and all things green and wheeled continues unabated. Click on any link below to visit our posts.

Detroit Auto Show coverage:
Detroit Auto Show: It's here. GM's plug-in hybrid is the Chevy Volt Concept
Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Mazda Tribute SUV is a full hybrid, can go 25 mph on volts alone
Detroit Auto Show: Chevy Volt vs GM EV1 by the numbers
Detroit Auto Show: Live Reveal of the Chevy Volt EV
Detroit Auto Show: Full Specifications on the Chevy Volt
Detroit Auto Show: General Motors' E-Flex platform
Detroit Auto Show: Saab BioPower concept
Detroit Auto Show: Redesigned 2008 Ford Focus shows how Ford will attack small car market
Detroit Auto Show: Five Minutes with Smart's Ken Kettenbeil
Detroit Auto Show: More details on the Ford Five Hundred, with picture gallery
Detroit Auto Show: Sunday evening chillin' with a Ford Focus picture gallery
Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Five Hundred is Ford's first V-6 3.5-liter PZEV
Detroit Auto Show: Seat cushions partially made with soybean oil coming in spring
UK Sunday Times continues the Chevy Volt leaks
Chevrolet Volt picture surfaces at the Chicago Tribune
Cheers! Now everyone knows the name - GM's plug in hybrid concept is the Chevy Volt
AutoblogGreen Photo Gallery: Toyota FT-HS hybrid concept
Freedom from oil campaign to protest at Detroit Auto Show

Other News:
Friday humor: Unscientific proof of global warming
How long until we get one? A short history of the ultralight RMI Hypercar
A new flying car could be in your future. Queue Jetsons music...
London parking authority setting fees based on CO2 emissions
Second generation Smart production starts, order one in Europe in mid-January
Leftover chicken fat may become biodiesel instead of soap
Hydrogen powered electric lift-trucks pass Wal-Mart tests
Prius sales leveling off due to lower tax credit, higher production
Swiss RE invests in reducing employees' personal carbon footprints
Foster City, CA decides to not lower speed limits for NEVs
The Mythbusters look at whether hydrogen caused the Hindenburg disaster
"Amazing" - the year that was, in biomass terms
High-tech research tools needed to advance diesel technology
Diesel V-6 could replace hybrid Honda Accord
Lithium-ion or lithium polymer? What's the deal with lithium?
And now for something completely different: more personal transportation choices!
2007 on track to be the hottest year ever on record, greenhouse gases likely at fault
Indian government to make recomendations on Coal to Liquid
More info on the Chrysler-Chery small car alliance
Why do we avoid certain cars? How about by country of origin?
Honda Civic Tour to show off hemp-customized Civic hybrid from Fall Out Boy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce bullish on business, not global warming
Toyotas first "Highway to the Future: Mobile Hybrid Event" in San Jose
In Australia, the bicycle is king
Auto industry execs say high gas prices have "permanently" changed car buying
University of Idaho investigating nanosprings for hydrogen storage
When fossil fuels run out, the "peak oilers" will be ready
Peugeot Moodif squeezy design concept
First 2007 Caterpillar Engine with ACERT Technology begins production
Ford investing $1.02 in ethanol-hungry Brazilian market, will buy Troller
Kicking Tires blog reader posts his own review of Civic hybrid, compares it with '03 model
High oil prices not going away in 2007
Audi Quattroflex, a high-tech, collapseable design concept vehicle
New Congress sets energy strategy; will address issues with piecemeal approach
Honda reports they are studying plug-in hybrids
Suzuki plans to introduce hybrids to Japan and North America ASAP
Photo gallery of Fiat Pandas in Dakar Rally
Hybrid sales chained to fuel prices?
Microcell delivers first 1kW fuel cell modular core for automotive use
GM full size SUV hybrids spotted undergoing hot weather testing
Indian President outlines energy independence plan

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