Microcell delivers first 1kW fuel cell modular core for automotive use

Microcell, a company that has designed PEM Microfiber Fuel Cells, has released their first 1 kW fuel cell core for automotive applications. Their design allows for a cylindrical core fuel cell, which are modular, so they can be scaled like batteries to provide larger amounts of power. These cells can be produced for relatively low cost.
Each of these tube-shaped cores can be removed for repair or replacement. Their technology uses the Proton Exchange Membrane type of fuel cell, their novel approach is the size they are able to create them at. Each microcell is around 500-1000 micrometers in diameter, and can be produced via an automated extrusion process.

Their site says that microcells are "a small step toward reducing global warming." They plan on scaling up their cells to 50kW plus for automotive purposes.

[Source: Microcell via Fuel Cells Works]

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