Honda reports they are studying plug-in hybrids

Motoatsu Shiraishi, president of Honda Research and Development, told Reuters at the Detroit auto show, "We are studying what kind of conditions would enable a plug-in." Accoring to Shiraishi, Honda sees two major challenges to plug-ins, battery capacity and the speed of charging.
This news, of course, comes on the same day that GM introduced their Chevy Volt concept, which at this point would have to be the most impressive alternative powered car around, albeit one not for sale.

Of course, the longer a vehicle can sustain operation without using any fossil fuels of its own (not including, of course, the fossil fuels required for its production), the better. The Chevy Volt sets the standard there, and is one reason that the Tesla Roadster generates so much positive press. A plug-in hybrid helps here, because it can be charged without using its internal combustion engine.

[Source: Reuters]

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