Detroit Auto Show: Five Minutes with Smart's Ken Kettenbeil

Smart ForTwos outside Cobo Hall. Click the image for a high res gallery

Smart USA is here at the Detroit Auto Show with the new second Generation ForTwo and they will be making an announcement this afternoon during the Mercedes-Benz press conference. Smart has a display across the street from the front door of Cobo Hall where they have a driver maneuvering around two stretch limos and demonstrating parallel parking in a space barely larger than the limos. You can see those pics in the high-res gallery by clicking on the link above.

I had a chance to talk to Smart's Communications Director Ken Kettenbeil on the show floor this morning and take some live photo's of the car. Ken gave me all the details on the US launch of the Smart ForTwo. Roger Penske's United Auto Group will be acting as a distributor. Some UAG and some Mercedes stores along with other dealers will be handling sales. The ForTwo will be available in three trim levels and both coupe and cabriolet models. Only one gas engine will be available initially although other power-trains may follow later on. The starting price will be under $15,000.

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