When fossil fuels run out, the "peak oilers" will be ready

Members of the Seattle Peak Oil Awareness are getting ready for the day when the earth's fossil fuels dry up. And that day is coming sooner than most people believe. Transportation, food supplies and home heating will be severely affected, and some also expect an economic depression. In somewhat of another Y2K frenzy, the Peak Oil crew is making changes in their daily lives as well as stocking up supplies. Others are investing in gold, adding solar panels or installing wood-burning stoves. Numerous experts has said the peak oil moment won't come for years, but the group sees increasing world demand as the sword of Damocles. Some of the changes the members are making are just sensible living, like reducing debt. The Peak Oil Awareness group meets regularly and networks through a Web forum. Currently on the agenda is convincing the Seattle city council to approve a resolution regarding the pending disaster.
[Source: Andrew Garber / Seattle Times]

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