And now for something completely different: more personal transportation choices!

You could call the chairs hybrids, being that they combine luxury lounging and transportation, if you wanted, but you probably wouldn't. But, you do get to choose from a gasoline powered armchair or an electric powered armchair.
The site claims that they make fine furniture, and the most comfortable rides on the planet. Who am I to argue? I've never actually tried one to have a definitive opinion myself, but I do love lazily wasting some time away in a nice comfortable chair from time to time. I also enjoy driving, so I could conceivably kill both birds with one stone!

But, I'm not sure if it is such a good idea to be so comfortable whilst piloting a vehicle. At least, not on public roads. But, if I had a choice between a Segway or one of these for negotiating sidewalks, parking lots or wherever else they are legal, that would be a tough decision.

The owner of the site also gives his opinions on free energy transportation. He seems pretty rational too.

[Source: Armchaircruisers via The Scooter Scoop]

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