We're counting down the last few days until the start of the Detroit show, and looking forward to seeing in the flesh (er, metal) what's bound to be one of the biggest stars of the show, the aggressively beautiful Jaguar C-XF concept. Jaguar claims the show car is not a direct preview of the next S-Type sedan, but rather previews the company's new styling direction, which quite apparently departs from the retro theme in favor of something far more bold, aggressive and futuristic.

As if the styling didn't speak for itself, this video features British design legend Ian Callum speaking for it, describing the themes he and his design team strove to incorporate into the C-XF. Jaguar, Callum insists, is the originator of the sports sedan, a category which the marque needs to reclaim from the competition. The C-XF is intended to do just that.

Click "play", sit back and enjoy listening to an artist describing his work. If you haven't seen our high-resolution gallery of Jaguary C-XF images yet, click here.

(Thanks for the tip, Maddan!)

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