More info on the Chrysler-Chery small car alliance

Sorry, no new information on what the cars will eventually look like, but Chrysler group president and CEO Tom LaSorda did confirm on Thursday that, as we mentioned at the end of December, Chrysler has agreed to distribute small Chrysler group-branded vehicles made by China's Chery. The vehicles will be designed by Chrysler designers and will be based on yet-to-be-announced platforms.

Right now the two parties have agreed "in principle" to the deal and the area Chrysler is talking about includes the NAFTA region, the European region and maybe other markets around the world. The DaimlerChrysler supervisory board and Chinese authorities still need to sign off on the deal, Chrysler Group officials said. Officials also said these cars are expected to be popular in Canada, Mexico and Europe, because that is where price and fuel economy are more important buying factors. LaSorda admitted that small cars (like the Dodge Caliber) are a big part of Chrysler's international growth. Who thinks they'll be popular in the U.S. when they're available? I do.

[Source: Just-Auto (subscription req'd]

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