Mickey Thompson can finally Rest in Peace

In the case that had many times been considered "cold" by investigators, ex-business partner Michael Goodwin has been convicted by a California jury of two counts of first degree murder with special circumstances in the deaths of racing star Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy, which occurred in the driveway of their California home on March 16, 1988. Thompson's sister, Colleen Campbell, now 74, continued to push prosecutors for nearly 19 years to solve the case. Yesterday she walked out of the courtroom waving a checkered flag in victory.

Mikey Thompson was a superstar in the racing community throughout the late 60's and 70's, assulting nearly every form of motorsports from the salt flats at Bonneville to the drag strip at Pomona and off road in the California Baja Desert. His popular off-road shows were what led to the business deal gone bad with Goodwin that ultimately led to the murders.

In court, the 61-year old Goodwin showed little emotion as the verdict was rendered by the jury. Although his public defender has stated that the verdict would be appealed, sentencing for Goodwin is scheduled for March 1.

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[Source: CNN via AP]

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