Hydrogen powered electric lift-trucks pass Wal-Mart tests

Twelve rider pallet trucks worked in continuous operation, logging more than 18,500 hours of active work with over 2,100 indoor fueling occurrences by pallet truck operators. The fuel cells were provided by Vancouver based Cellex's CX-P150 fuel cell product. Johnnie Dobbs, Wal-Mart's e.v.p. of logistics and supply chain said that the vehicles were treated just like their other pallet trucks, and operated without a snag. He claims that Wal-Mart now considers the vehicles perfectly viable for their use.

According to Cellex, the zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell-powered pallet trucks met and exceeded uptime, fueling, environmental, and safety targets set out for them. Wal-Mart did the testing at two Ohio distribution centers.

I found it interesting to note that the vehicles were refueled indoors over 2,000 times with no incidents. This, in my humble opinion, is a good thing, being that there is much debate over the safety of hydrogen in vehicle use. And, before it gets posted in the comments (although I like to see comments on my posts so I know what readers are thinking), I know that indoor use of lifting trucks is very different than use on our highways and cities. But, still, it's a good sign.


[Source: Progressive Grocer]

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