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Texas biodiesel ban will just have to wait until next Christmas

WIRED's blog doesn't miss much, including framing this interesting story in terms former Texas Governor George W. Bush can understand: Texas Stays Biodiesel Execution (the state executed 131 prisoners while he was governor).
The headline refers to environmental officials in Texas who decided to delay a proposed biodiesel fuel ban, pending further studying of the biofuel's emissions. The main suspect is NOx emissions, which the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is worried might be higher than those allowed under a 2005 law when blends higher than B20 are used. As WIRED points out, different studies have shown different NOx emissions from biodiesel. The TCEQ voted on Dec. 23rd to put off a decision for another year. Call it a Christmas present to the biodiesel industry Texas, since the state is the second largest consumer of biodiesel in the country (behind Iowa).

[Source: Wired]

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