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Cobasys and A123Systems will work together on li-ion hybrid batteries

Cobasys and A123Systems are no strangers to AutoblogGreen, but I have the feeling that we'll be hearing about these two companies a heckuva lot more in the coming years. I mean, think about the PHEV market, the EV market and whom these two firms have managed to align themselves with: GM, Enova and government agencies. Most (not all) of these partnerships, though, involve NiMH batteries and everyone knows that the near future lies in lithium-ion.
So it's not a total surprise that Cobasys and A123Systems announced yesterday that they have entered into a partnership to develop new lithium ion hybrid battery systems. The two companies will jointly "develop, manufacture, sell, and service lithium ion energy storage systems for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications. The scope of the agreement will include joint development, marketing and supply of A123Systems nanophosphate lithium batteries and Cobasys systems integration and manufacturing of battery systems for HEV markets."

Battery manufacturers are only going to become more and more important in the future, and the road to get to the ideal battery will be littered with start-ups and great ideas gone awry. Working together might just be the ticket to success.

[Source: Cobasys]

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