GM designer sketches "future" Chaparral

Yesterday we showed you videos of the continuation 2E Chaparrals being built and raced by James Musser and the gang. The Chaparral racecars were so groundbreaking and awe-inspiring that a whole slew of automotive designers and engineers were drawn to the field after laying eyes on them for the first time.
GM Design Director Ed Welburn is one of them. As this Winding Road piece tells us, Welburn is a huge fan of these Jim Hall racers from the1960s. While helping with that continuation car story, Welburn mentioned to the WR team that he wasn't the only Chaparral fan on the GM design staff either. He said that several others could frequently be found sketching what they thought modern Chaparrals might look like.

Click through to Winding Road to see what Jose Gonzalez dreamed up in the form of a full size version of the teaser pic at right. His creation emulates the earlier 2C rather than a 2E, and it is oh so sexy. You'll also see another design featured in this month's magazine and WR promises a third in the near future. So click over and check it out. For anybody who remembers these Texas chargers fondly, or who just appreciates wonderful racing design they are a must see.

[Source: Winding Road]

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