Radical semis by Luigi Colani

The wacky and wonderful Luigi Colani is at it again. The Swiss-German designer has been designing vehicles, structures and household objects that are inspired by nature for more than 50 years. His organic land speed cars were so bizarre and so ultra cool at the same time, all while being quite effective at slicing through the air. And Luigi has worked his magic on street cars, bikes, jets and even semis. And that is what this particular post is all about.

Colani's recent projects involving aerodynamic big rig cabs are said to cut fuel consumption by 30% and feature such unique details as round windshields with a central hub three-spoke wiper system. Looks like a huge Mercedes-Benz logo on the glass, which is oddly appropriate here. You see, this particular truck starts life as a Mercedes and uses a turbocharged, direct injection, 12.6-liter, 6-cylinder diesel. With these tweaks, power rises from 381 hp to 530 hp. Hot rod hauling in its most sensational form.

You can find a lot more of Colani's creations here, here, and especially here.

[Source: Hybrid Car News via AB Green]

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