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Nextant study concludes biodiesel is a transitionary technology

Nextant, a technology solutions and consulting services company, has published a new report, "Liquid Biofuels: Substituting for Petroleum", which concludes that biodiesel traditionally produced from crops is most likely a transitionary technology. Biodiesel, which is a biodegradable, low-toxicity product, will be around for a long time even if it is not able to substitute for more than a small percentage of the world's total diesel consumption, the report says. Bioethanol is also identified as a likely to be transitional over the long term.

These conclusions are based on integrated thermochemical biomass-to-liquids (BTL) technologies supplanting traditional biofuels produced from sugar cane, corn, soy and canola, amongst others. BTL technologies are expected to be used in conjunction with hybrid electric drive systems to increase efficiency. Conflict over crop use for biofuels instead of food is expected to hasten the transition to BTL technologies with several biofuels crops increasing in price just in the last six months leading to a search for cheaper alternatives.

[Source: Biofuel Review]

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