Kichen on the auto industry in 2007: ethanol and hydrogen can wait, GM will bounce back

Ready for 2007? Steve Kichen at Forbes thinks he is, and the overall theme I take away from his short list is that the distinction between green cars and just plain cars will blur even further in the coming year. He doesn't explicitly say so, but saying that "protecting the environment and having a robust auto industry are mutually exclusive" is a misplaced assumption makes this pretty clear. The other misplaced assumptions are that ethanol is the answer and that the hydrogen economy is right around the corner.
Kichen's "Bold Prediction" is that GM "turns around both financially and in how consumers perceive it in the marketplace." I don't think this is as bold as Kichen is trying to make it out to be, since The General is going to have a big splash this month at the NAIAS with the announcement of the first plug-in hybrid. If this is how they start the year, how might the rest play out?

In case you needed a reason to worry in 2007, Kichen's bet is that gas prices will "trend upward" over the next twelve months. Happy New Year!

[Source: Forbes]

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