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How to spend even more $$ on ethanol: Kansas lottery offering E85 truck prize

Ethanol makers already get a 51-cent a gallon subsidy from the U.S. government. This hasn't made E85 available at every corner filling station (but E10 is pretty popular), even though there are millions of E85-capable vehicles driving on American roads right now. In case you don't think this subsidy is enough money thrown after ethanol – and don't have a problem with gambling – then head over to Kansas and get yourself a ticket for the new Trucks & Bucks scratch-off game.
The Kansas lottery is giving away a 2007 GMC Sierra E85 Crew Cab Pickup in the Trucks & Bucks scratch-off game, but only if your ticket is a loser. The Sierra is part of a second-chance drawing that will take place in early May. The lottery has given away a GMC truck for the past three years.

Kansas Governor Sebelius says the prize is a way to "promote an industry that is increasingly important to Kansas." I'm pretty sure she means the ethanol industry, and not the "stock market for the poor."

Full details on the lottery can be found here.

[Source: Kansas Lottery]

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