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HOW TO: Photoshop your car into Lightning McQueen

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Every car has a personality, and most of us take that next step and christen our cars with names like Roger, the Powder Blue Thunder Wagon, the Scalded Chicken, and the Jetta Knight (all names of past cars I've owned). After watching Pixar's computer animated opus to the automobile, CARS, we know have demonstrable proof that cars can smile, wink and express all the emotions on their front fascias that their owners do. But until now, coaxing the personality out of your car in a visible way hasn't really been an option. Thanks to psychochild on the North American Subaru Imrpeza Owners Club forum, we now can all infuse our daily drivers with the personality of Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera. The only tools you'll need are Photoshop and the courage to use it. psychochild's instructions are straightforward and can be followed by even the newest of noobs. Even we could do it, as is evident by Ernie Intercepter and Ned Nassau (check the gallery).

If you take the challenge to Pixar your own car, send the results to abresearch at gmail dot com and we'll publish them in our gallery.


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