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Auto mechanic says he gets 100mpg with diesel truck

A pair of auto technicians in Kansas City have converted their Dodge diesel trucks to run on vegetable oil, and one estimates the mileage picked up to 100 miles per gallon of diesel. But he doesn't say how many gallons of vegetable oil he has to burn during that stretch to reduce his diesel bill.

Marcos Markoulatos used a conversion system from Greasecar that cost about $1,000, while Ty Martin made his from salvage parts. The conversions add a second fuel system to the truck so the engine can run on either straight diesel or straight vegetable oil.

Martin is making the 100mpg claim, so maybe Greasecar should check out his system since Markoulatos says he gets 20mpg while running on grease. Anyway, we've had success stories about Greasecar conversions and also warnings. It appears that running used french fry grease can violate federal laws since the fuel isn't taxed.

[Source: Sophia Maines / Lawrence Journal World]

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