Audi Quattro fans should love this video. Compiled of footage of Audis old and new taken from television commercials, motorsports coverage and even a couple Top Gear segments, the five-minute video quickly gives you all the four-ringed circus you could ask for.

Despite the occasional (and irresistible) shot of Ingolstadt's Le Mans-dominating sports racers, the unspoken focus of the video is on Audi's venerable Quattro all-wheel-drive system that has brought the company to countless victories in rally racing, changing the face of the sport. Quattro set Audi apart from the field of German carmakers, leaving rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW to follow suit with their own traction-enhanced luxury sedans.

We're anticipating lots of moaning and groaning over the soundtrack, but like it or not, it compliments the retrospective opening and closing scenes. Watch and enjoy.

[Source: German Car Blog]

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