Program pays you to take mass-transit or carpool in Atlanta

Got a resolution to drive less in 2007? If you live in or near Atlanta, that resolution might be easy to keep.

I just watched this video on the Associated Press media site. The video shows how you can save some money if you happen to live in Atlanta and are open to the idea of mass-transit or commuting. There is a service sponsored by a local conservation group that allows up to 90 days of receiving a payment of $3.00 a day for every day that you don't drive your car to work. If you happen to live close to the office, that may not be a bad idea. Likewise, if you live a good distance from the office, you could certainly save quite a bit on gas if you were to use mass-transit options instead.

The video says that the average commuter in Atlanta pays $6,000 a year to drive to and from work. The conservation group is Atlanta's Clean Air Campaign. Ellen Macht, the executive director of the group says that although 90 days is the maximum you can collect the payment, many choose to stick with it, as they find that they get used to it, and it becomes a pleasurable experience.


[Source: Associated Press]

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