When Arnold Schwarzenegger ousted Gray Davis for the governorship during a 2003 recall election, he didn't have much of an inauguration. Economic times were more humble then, and the wealthy movie star apparently didn't want to show off.

Not this time. After handily winning last November, Schwarzenegger is throwing a two-day, $1.2 million bash that will be powered by the sun and generators running on biodiesel fuel. The governor and his guests will also be shuttled by zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell cars. These pubic displays are intended to show his commitment to environmental conservation and clean technology. One must be very wealthy and have contributed heavily to the governor's campaign to even get near the solar panels or fuel-cell vehicles. Chevron is one company that donated $50,000 to the party and will have a front-row access to Schwarzenegger.

[Source: Aaron C. Davis / Associated Press via San Luis Obispo Tribune]

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