Imagine you're motoring along and you see a fellow motorist stuck by the side of the road. You think about just driving on, but something about the scene grabs you and you decide to pull over to lend some assistance. You jump out and rush over to see if you can help, and you promptly find yourself under arrest. This isn't a story of the law run amok, though.

You see, this particular Good Samaritan was drunk. So drunk in fact that he didn't recognize that the "stranded motorist" he had offered to aid was in fact a car being inspected by police officers for a minor violation. This was the scene in the northwest German town of Bremen. Police arrested the 37-year-old man and banned him from driving. "Obviously his optical assessment of the situation as he drove past was that this was a vehicle breakdown," the police said in a statement.

With the New Year's weekend about to kick off, we felt like we had to share this warning about the types of people you might be sharing the roadways with. Granted this happened in Germany, but we know there will be more than a few of these types on our roads as well. If you think you might be one of them, use a DD. This PSA brought to you by ABADD (AutoBloggers Against Drunk Driving). Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

[Source: Reuters]

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