40-yard drive nothing to these fans

Come January 1, many people will be nursing massive hangovers, some will already have broken their resolutions, and many, many fans will watch The Game. But in Sausalito, Cal., there will be one group of folks doing what they love best, and it does not involve football.
The Anti-Football Drivers have met for 16 years, not to protest football, but instead to show there are more interesting things to do in life.

"We really have nothing against -- is it called football? We're simply making a statement that there's more to life than a 70-inch HDTV with colorful images of people running into each other," said event organizer Martin Swig.

To join the run, Swig says your vintage car must be what "by general agreement would be called interesting." Swig is also the organizer of several vintage car rallies, including the California Mille.

Sounds like driving with these guys would probably be a lot of fun. Their press release states: The nonprofit event contributes nothing to charity, does not send kids to camp nor support an old drivers' home. Says Swig, "Everything we take in goes out for the enjoyment of our participants --usually at a rate that exceeds income."

If you plan to be in the Sausalito area Jan 1, sign up for the 17th Annual Anti-Football Run here.

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