Year-end statement from Abdul A. Mitha, President and CEO of Clean Power Tech

Abdul A. Mitha, president and CEO of Clean Power Technologies, claims that his company has made "amazing" and "fantastic" progress in 2006. This information is taken from his year-end open letter to shareholders. In the letter, he asks his shareholders to be patient with the company as they develop their hybrid gas\steam technology.

Details are sketchy on the technology, but it seems that the hybrid system under development by Clean Power uses a Wankel rotary engine from a Mazda RX8, which can be run on multiple types of fuel. The heat generated by the engine is captured and stored via steam pressure. The steam is kept at a specified pressure and can then be used to run a second steam powered engine. The company has ambitious plans in the works for their system, spreading it through the transportation markets, refrigeration and even in oil and nuclear power plants. Will 2007 be their year?


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