The more we see of Daihatsu, the more we like the plucky little Toyota division. Watching their nutty TV commercials makes us love them even more, though. From the "WONDERFUL SMALL! (Daihatsu)" opening, through whatever insanity that follows (usually led by a cute actress), they are relentlessly entertaining and totally Japanese in the best way.

If DirecTV offered a Japanese channel pack, we'd rock it just for the commercials. Every day would be like Super Bowl Sunday and out TiVo would scream for mercy.

We'll start you off with a spot for the newly-redesigned Move Custom. Click above to watch it, then follow the jump for a bunch more.

Daihatsu Move Custom (2005 Model)
The next two are spots for the previous-gen Move Custom. One of them pits the little Kei against some sort of Wind Devil (this creeps dangerously close to anime territory in terms of overall incomprehensibility). The second has it involved in a chariot race, where its 64-horsepower engine is more than enough to smoke the Romans it's competing against.

Mickey Rourke and the Daihatsu Charade
Saving the best (worst?) for last -- we bring you these early-90s-looking Mickey Rourke Lost In Translation-style spots. Mickey tells us "This is Charade" and "Have a nice ride" and collects what had to have been a fat check. All for two 15-second commercials. This got us thinking that Mickey Rourke's been making some some cool movies again, but before we digress any further, here he is in full JDM shill mode:

And now, a bonus spot, also with Mickey. Remember kids, for relaxing times...

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