That scratch was already there: California dealership wrecks customer's Corvette

When you drop off your brand new Corvette at the dealership to fix an iffy trunk lid and a bad antenna, you expect to pick up your expensive sports car the next day in one piece, preferably washed and waxed with those paper floormats in the foot wells. Mr. Williams, a member, was not treated to such customer service when he went to pick up his Vette from San Rafael Chevrolet in San Rafael, California. Instead, his Corvette suffered $15,000 worth of damages to the front passenger side when an employee of the dealership took it for a ride and wrecked it trying to pass someone in gravel and spinning out before being hit by a box truck.

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The employee was cited by the California Highway Patrol, who noted he was driving too fast for the conditions that caused the accident. The CHP stopped short, however, of citing him for reckless driving. The plot thickened, however, when Williams found an orange prescription bottle full of codeine acetominaphane under one of the seats.

Williams wants his Corvette replaced, or at least the repairs paid for and to be compensated for the car's lost value. The dealership, however, is only apparently willing to pay for the vehicle to be repaired (the post is unclear on exactly what the dealership has agreed to do, if anything), which will take six weeks. Aside from posting his grievance on, Williams has also filed complaints with Chevrolet and the Better Business Bureau. He claims a lawyer will cost him $5,000, though many forum members are urging him to just sue the dealership for damages and a new car. Mr. Williams, however, has asked any Corvette lover in ear shot to email the dealership's service manager, Lucian Freire, demanding something be done.

This is the worst situation in which a car enthusiast could find himself, and our piston-pumping hearts go out Williams and his wife, not to mention the true victim in all this, one Machine Silver Metallic Chevy Corvette. If you want to help Williams in his cause, click the read link to find the service manager's email address.

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